About The Bolt

The Youngcare Budgie Bolt is an opportunity to help Youngcare create choice, independence and dignity for young Aussies with high care needs.

Almost 1,000 participants have braved the Bolt over the past two years; raising over $395,000 for young Aussies in desperate need!

Check out all of the pictures on Youngcare’s Facebook page.

Being an elite Water Polo player I am always in my budgie smugglers, so what better way to help out young people in need by running the Youngcare Budgie Bolt...
Rhys Howden, Elite Water Polo Player
I had so much fun in the Bolt in 2013 and 2014, I couldn't wait to get the word out for the 2015 event. Youngcare are such an amazing charity...
Kenrick Monk, Two-time Olympian
I wasn't aware of Youngcare at all or what the organisation was about. Now after proudly getting on board as an Ambassador I've learnt it's an issue that needs to be addressed...
Felicity Abram, Ambassador